Separate Department:


The company started as Japanese Car Parts Ltd. as a commercial dismantling company. The company buys the vehicles [dead or alive] from in and around Auckland. These vehicles get dismantled- Engines, transmission and other accessories are removed and exported to other countries. The remaining Car bodies get recycled, this way the company helps in disposing the scrapped or junked vehicles which otherwise would have used up the landfill in New Zealand.


There are two departments under the same company- Japanese Car Parts Ltd [trading name: Japaneuro Car Parts]

  • Carremovals :  Under this department, any types of vehicles dead or alive, are bought from the customers [ any customers who are selling their vehicles can  call  0800 600 505 for cash at any time and get rid of their unwanted vehicles right from any place in an around Auckland-towing free]
  • Japaneuro Car Parts: This department helps the whole New Zealand by providing the cheap and quality auto parts. Parts are sold through Partstrader, Capricorn Links, Partslinks, Treade me Store,