How Many Miles Does A Car Last & What Must You Do After Its Lifespan Ends?

You might be thinking of sell your old car, buy a used car, or being here simply because you found this interesting. Whatever the reason for you to be here, we will ensure that this post satisfies every reader’s need and will fill you with a lot of knowledge. Modern automobiles are built to survive much longer than those created merely a few decades ago. This is because modern auto parts are made to better and greater than older ones.

As a result, there will be fewer repairs and less need for general maintenance. The maximum mileage depends on the car itself, as many brands come in various models, but today, we will provide information by taking the average. Let’s examine some of the elements that affect a car’s lifespan to learn how to extend the life and mileage of a new or used car. 

How many miles does a car last? 

According to the Transportation reports that the average age of all vehicles still on the road is slightly over 11 years and that the average may be getting close to 12 years. Modern standard cars expected to last 200,000 miles or more. While electric vehicles predicted to stay up to 300,000 miles. There are many advantages to keeping an automobile for that long, including potential financial savings. 

Some individuals think they can cut costs by driving for longer distances. However, the answer is ultimately up to you, your driving habits, and your goals. Therefore, it is safe to state that the maximum mileage for a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle is 250,000 miles, and that continuing to drive one after that point will be costly due to the vehicle’s reduced effectiveness and the need for frequent servicing. With mileage approaching 200k, it’s time to think about selling your automobile. 

When is a car classified as a junk car? 

Well, this is a question that is tough to answer, and most people are left blank when asked about when a car could be classified as a junk car. Used car buyers Auckland are the people who decide if the vehicle is a junk car or not. A lot of people think that if a car is above 250,000 miles of mileage, it is a junk car, but, a car with 250,000 miles of mileage could still be in a condition that would not considered junk because it depends on the driver and the place, they are driving the vehicle in. 

If the car’s driver goes smoothly all its life without creating any pressure on the engine, maintaining an average speed, and doing regular servicing of the vehicle. In that case, the car will be in fine condition even after 250,000 miles. However, if a car has only run 150,000 miles, but the driver has driven it roughly. That too is not on a good road and has done off-roading with the vehicle without doing its regular servicing. If the car’s mileage is 150,000 miles, then the car would already be in a junk condition. So, whether the car is in junk condition is solely decide by the mileage of that car. Still, factors like how the driver has ridden it.

The surface on which it was hung, the servicing, & many other factors also play a significant role in deciding it. If you own a vehicle that is as old as a decade and has a mileage over 200,000. Then most dealerships would not interested in it. We all know that private used car buyers Auckland aim to purchase newer vehicles with low mileage and good condition. The last option is to sell your vehicle to car wreckers West Auckland because they buy all cars in any condition of any model and year.  

Should you sell your car to car wreckers? If yes, then whom?  

You must know that you must sell your vehicle as soon as its life span ends because it will harm the environment daily. If you are thinking of sell your old car and it is in a condition that you know that dealerships and private buyers will not interested, then you must sell it to car wreckers West Auckland. There are many car wreckers West Auckland, and you must properly research. Then choose the one that is well-known and has good industry experience. 

We at CarRemovals, ensure to provide all our customers with the top cash quote and have maintained the quality of our services to the max. Our services are one of the best in the best in New Zealand. We stand out from other car wreckers in being the most reliable used car buyers Auckland by providing the service of free car pick up if your car is not functional or located far from us. If you are in Auckland, we recommend you sell your junk or old car to us as we are one of the leading used car buyers in Auckland and provide cash quotes up to $10,000. Our cash quotes depend on the condition, brand, model, year, and car mileage. 

All you must do to start selling your car to us will be to visit our website, fill in the free cash quote form. And wait for a little time until we get back to you with a lucrative cash quote. After you receive the cash quote from us and accept it. We will schedule a meeting with you and do the remaining things offline. The process will be very smooth, & it’ll take us only minutes to pick your vehicle up & provide you with cash for it. We will ensure that we stand up to the tag of the best car wreckers West Auckland given to us by our previous customers.  


A regular car with an average driver who drives it on an even road will last for approximately 200,000 miles, and after that, it will be termed a junk car. However, as we’ve seen, this is subject to variation by driver, automobile, and terrain. We at CarRemovals are a top choice among wrecking yards, so think of us when you’re ready to get rid of your old car.

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