Suppose you own an old car in bad shape and not in a condition where it could be used economically. In that case, you should consider selling your car because keeping it for longer will do nothing. But it will only lead to a depreciation of its value in the market. These kinds of cars usually emit a lot of pollution and provide terrible fuel economy. So you should not waste your time and money on an online advertisement for your vehicle. And head towards the car wreckers, who will buy your vehicle instantly. 

Your car can be sold to a private buyer at a better price than what the car wreckers in Manukau or Auckland will offer you, but always remember that it will take a lot of time because the vehicle is not in good condition, provides terrible fuel economy, and multiple buyers will ask you for a test drive. Most of them will not buy the car after the test drive. It is time-consuming and unhealthy financially because you have to pay for the weekly advertisement. Whereas selling your vehicle to a car wrecker will be instant and economical as well. Let us look at some benefits of selling your car to Car Wreckers Manukau or the Auckland car wreckers.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to a Car Wrecker

There are enormous amounts of benefits when it comes to selling your old car to a car wrecker, and some of the benefits of selling your old car to a car wrecker are :

  • Ease Of Selling

By selling your car to a car wrecker, you can avoid searching for possible buyers for a used car that is probably in bad condition. There’s no need to repaint the car since most wreckers of vehicles do not care about the state of the car’s exterior and interior like private buyers. You don’t have to advertise it in the hopes of finding a trustworthy buyer, and all you have to do to sell your car to most car wreckers is call them, and they will guide you through the steps of selling your vehicle in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Time-Saving

If you do not have enough time and wish to sell your car quickly. Then selling it to a car wrecker is the answer. Finding the appropriate buyer for your vehicle requires time and effort, which is what it takes to sell your car on your own. Moreover, you must bargain with a private buyer to get the best price for your vehicle, which will not be an easy task. 

  • Quick Cash

Selling your car to a private buyer will lead to a lot of hassle, and since it is time-consuming, you will not be able to get quick cash for your vehicle. Most car wreckers can buy your car on the same day and provide instant cash for your old car. 

  • Eco Friendly

Most of the trustworthy and reliable service providers of car wrecking remove all the parts of a car and recycle or resell the car parts that are in good condition. This way, it becomes very eco-friendly, and you can contribute to saving the planet by selling your car to a car wrecker near you who is trustworthy and reliable.

  • Free Pick Up & Quick Paperwork

Sell your car to a car wrecker that is trusted in the market and is a reliable wrecker. They will provide free vehicle pick up from your property as good wreckers always make sure that no hassle has to be the responsibility of their customers. And they take care of everything. The paperwork that happens at a car wrecker is free. All the legal documents are taken care of by their employees, and the seller will deal with no hassle. You can sell your car from the comfort of your house.

Which Car Wrecker is the Best to Sell Your Car Too?

If you have decided to sell your car to a car wrecker, you must consider selling it to us. Always remember that some wreckers who are not professional and trustworthy may provide a reasonable amount for your car. But may not provide services like free car pickup and might even have hidden fees which they will deduct from the cash quote they offer you. Some of them are such that they will bargain the final amount after picking up your car, which will leave you in the wrong place.

So, always remember to contact a car wrecker like us because we at CarRemovals are one of the most trustworthy and reliable car wreckers in New Zealand. CarRemovals will do a free pick up of your vehicle from your property on your scheduled date and time. And will ensure that all the paperwork and the legal work is taken care of by our employees. We also provide one of the best cash quotes in New Zealand. And ensure we have no hidden fee in our services. We provide services as car wreckers Manukau and Auckland car wreckers

How to Sell Your Car to Auckland Car Wreckers?

We are a professional organization, ensuring that selling your car to us is done in just a few simple and easy steps. Follow the below steps to sell your vehicle to us.

  • Contact us
  • Ask for a cash quote
  • Schedule a date for free car pickup 
  • Get cash for your car after the pickup and the paperwork is done. 


Keeping your old car with you for longer will do nothing but depreciate the value of your vehicle. And selling it is the best way to get rid of it. If you have a lot of time and money to spend on online advertisements. Then you should opt to sell your car to a private buyer, but if you are willing to save time. Get quick cash and help in keeping the planet. Then you should opt to sell your car to a car wrecker like the CarRemovals. We at CarRemovals are one of the top car wreckers, so in New Zealand. We provide the top cash for our client’s car. Contact us to sell your car immediately to us. As we are one of the best Auckland car wreckers and car Wreckers Manukau. 

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