Sell unwanted cars with ease with Japanese Car Removals, who are we? We are commercial dismantlers/ cash for car removals in Auckland . We offer the best cash for unwanted cars . If you feel that your car is no more doing good for you, we are here to ease your tension just call us @ 0800 392 392 or get a quick quote from us. We will be right at your place wherever you are in Auckland, we charge nothing for the towing- it is totally free but we pay you the best price for your unwanted cars!

Irrespective of location, you still get an instant payment

Irrespective of the location all over Auckland, we can help you get rid of your unwanted car, if you are out to search in sell unwanted car for cash. All that is required from you at first is to contact; we would then arrange the necessary things and visit your home. We are very considerate when it comes to your own schedule, we will make our plans according to your own schedule and cash your unwanted car in a short while.

Our team members would pay you a visit after you must have contacted us, we will then give you an obligation quote. We will give you a brief moment to consider the quote and if fair enough, we would reach an agreement and make necessary preparations to pay you in full.

Paying for your unwanted car

Sometimes, it can be irrational to leave your unwanted car in the garage, yard or compound; won’t it be the best choice to cash your unwanted car for a fair price? Good right! Selling an unwanted car is as simple as anything. Without giving any consideration to the make or model of the car, whether it is outdated or not, we will buy your unwanted car at the best competitive price.

We are fervent about giving people the best competitive price for their unwanted cars and providing top-rated car collection services in the whole of Auckland. Selling unwanted car is a great way to get some extra cash. We pay the best cash for unwanted cars even if they are broken or old. Our towing drivers are extraordinarily friendly and cooperative. Service is our best part, as we also have the simplest process to ensure that you get the best and most competitive price.